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How To Build an Individual Business Plan

business planning May 25, 2016 12:04:45 PM No Comments

By: Joseph Lerario, Business Development Manager, Univest Capital, Inc.

To see success as a young sales representative in an extremely competitive industry, it is always important to stay motivated and keep pushing forward. One of the best ways to plan and execute a sales strategy is through an individual business plan.

To put it simply, an individual business plan is the roadmap that provides goals and guidelines to keep you on course. Creating this plan keeps you accountable, which helps provide the framework to succeed. What keeps me motivated is planning on an annual basis which allows me to see where I need to be and forces me to strategize on how I can get there.

There are five key things to include in your business plan:

1. Goals: What are you trying to achieve? For example:
  • Become a top sales representative
  • Earn more compensation year-over-year
  • Produce meaningful accounts

2. Strategies: How are you going to achieve these goals? For example:
  • Go after substantial industries/customers
  • Average a certain amount of revenue per month
  • Target a specific geographical area

3. Actions: What activities or tasks will help us achieve these goals? For example:
  • Visit customers face-to-face rather than a phone call
  • Talk to an account twice a week
  • Learn new tactics to become a better representative

4. Obstacles: What could prevent you from being successful? For example:
  • Poor time management
  • Not putting in a sufficient amount of effort
  • Lack of experience

5. Personal Development: How would you like to develop throughout your career? For example:
  • Become a mentor to your peers
  • Expand on knowledge through seminars and trainings
  • Mature on a personal level


Once you have your individual business plan created, you have to keep yourself accountable to the actions you’ve determined. Remember to revisit your plan to make adjustments along the way and be sure to update at least annually. It may be tough, but with a positive approach and a well thought out plan as your guide, you can reach your goals.


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